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Pursuant to the Electricity Market Act (NN22/13, 102/15), end customer confirms they are authorized to conclude a contract, i.e. they are an owner or a carrier of another right to the building or a part of the building that the electricity is being supplied to.

The process of switching is free and starts with filing a Request for concluding a new contract for electricity supply (hereinafter: Contract). You can conclude a Contact with RWE Energija in different ways:

  1. Filling in a contract on our website Filled in contract must be printed, signed and sent to our address: RWE Energija, Capraška 6, 10 000 Zagreb;
  2. Calling a free Customer service phone number: 0800 8777, on weekdays from 8 to 20 o'clock;
  3. In your own home, with the help of Savings advisors who come to your home free of charge and advise you on how to save money in the energy department. You can set an appointment  by calling a free Customer service number: 0800 8777;
  4. In your own home, via authorized  sales representatives;
  5. Personally coming to RWE Energija’s headquarters at Capraška 6, 10 000 Zagreb.

After concluding the Contract for electricity supply with the chosen supplier, the supplier will then finish the process of switching for you. The process of switching is carried out without a charge.

After signing the Contract, RWE will deliver a request for information compatibility (hereinafter: Request) to system operator HEP ODS. In the case of information compatibility from the Request and ODS’ information, the process of switching is finished by the acceptance of the Request. In the case of information incompatibility, the customer will be informed about the next step in order to switch to RWE Energija.

Switching day and the day the new contract with RWE Energija starts to apply is the first day of the month that follows the month in which the customer successfully finished the process of switching to new supplier. The customer will be informed about this in their “welcome letter”.


  • You will still have a guaranteed and secure electricity supply, although HEP ODS is still your distributor and is responsible for meter reading and maintenance of the distribution network
  • From 1.1.2017 customers of RWE Energija will receive a single bill from RWE which will have charged amounts for both electricity supply and the grid service as well as other charges that are prescribed by law.
  • You are entitled to a discounted price for the chosen product by the relevant price list.
  • You have the possibility to contract further products and services that allows you to save more.

HEP ODS is the distributer and in charge of meter readings.

The supplier will issue an invoice based on the electricity consumption which is determined by parameters specified by HEP ODS, while the difference will be charged at the next meter reading.

HEP ODS, the distributer, is authorised to temporary disrupt the electricity distribution.

RWE Energija can file a request for temporary electricity disruption to the distributor if the customer has not fulfilled their monetary obligations to the supplier (RWE Energija) even after a warning. 

If a customer is having problems with disruption of electricity, quality of electricity distribution or has noticed a malfunction of the port or the metering point, they should contact the authorized distribution system operator (HEP ODS).

The grid fee is an official name for the amount charged for the use of the distribution network. The fee is charged according to tariff items for the public service transmission and distribution network. 

An accounting element prescribed by law which represents an obligation for every electricity customer in order to collect funds to support the construction of renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind power and bio-fuel thermal power plants). 

The Price List “A” is defined by the currently valid electricity price determined by HEP ODS, which is reduced by the specific percentage (10%, 7% or 5%) depending on the product offered during the first year (12 months) of the contract period.

The Price List “B” is defined for the rest of the contractual obligation and RWE guarantees that the price for the rest of the contractual period would be less than the price of the current dominant electricity supplier. 

The total savings depends on the chosen product. All information about RWE Energija products can be found on our website

RWE Energija issues and delivers monthly advanced instalments to customers with the due date on the 15th of the month for the consumption in the previous month.

  • Consumed electricity
  • Grid fee
  • Supply fee
  • Metering fee
  • Renewable energy fee
  • Social fee

Monthly bill for electricity supply can be paid as before (in the bank, post, FINA, Konzum, etc.) or you can set up a standing order in your bank. The bill can also be paid via internet banking; you can set up “i-račun” service for faster and easier paying. I-račun is a service where you can electronically receive and pay bills via internet banking or a mobile application. You can set it up in the following banks: ZABA, PBZ, HPB, OTP and Addiko bank. That way all your bills are available and ready to be paid at all times.

In case you exceed the due date of the payment, you will get warning only from your supplier RWE Energija. 

RWE will provide support in fulfilling payment obligations to individual customers who have problems with due payments in order to minimize the possibility of disruption of electricity distribution. 

Information about price changes will be published and available on the suppliers’ websites. The supplier will notify the customer about price changes, latest 15 days before the new price comes into effect, in the written form or via text message if the customer has given their permission to do so in the contract. If the price change is not satisfactory for the customer, the customer has the right to terminate the contract without return of savings.

The customer can terminate the contract without giving a reason in a 14-day period after the contract has been concluded. If the contract is terminated after the 14-day period, but within the period of contract duration for the chosen product, the customer is obliged to pay the total savings made during the duration of the contact.

In both cases, it is necessary to send a written request for termination to the supplier on the address: RWE Energija d.o.o., Capraška ulica 6, 10000 Zagreb, e-mail it to: or fax it to +385 1 6387 452 in accordance with the supplier’s requirements.

If RWE Energija changes its supplier requirements to become less favourable to the customer, the customer has the right to terminate the contract without a fee, but is obliged to deliver a written notice about the termination of the contract within in the period of 15 days after the changes come into effect. 

If you received the contract on using the public service of household customer consumption category (grid fee) from HEP ODS, you should sign it and send it by mail to the appropriate substation of HEP ODS in order to regulate the distribution conditions. However, if you got the contract on supply, do not sign it and contact us on this phone number: 0800 8777 or e-mail

In that case, please contact RWE’s Customer service on this free number: 0800 8777.

RWE Energija will, on customer’s request, refund the money.

If you think you have been paying more than you have been spending, mark the number on your meter and contact RWE’s Customer service on this free number: 0800 8777. It is possible you have been spending more energy due to new appliances, increased heating or similar. Ways of lowering consumption are: use fewer lights during the day and evening, install energy-saving light bulbs (LED light bulbs), isolate your house better, invest in a better thermostat and use electricity at times when tariffs are lower.  Even unplugging your electric appliances from the socket while you are away for a longer period will save you energy. New appliances use less electricity (check the energy-efficiency label).

RWE Energija offers a free service of energy consultation in your home. If you want to save extra money, contact RWE’s Customer service on this phone number: 0800 8777 and set up a free meeting with our savings advisor.

You should contact RWE, as your supplier. Call Customer service on the number: 0800 8777.

There are almost two million electricity customers in the household category in Croatia. Reading the meter monthly, or once in two months would add additional cost to the distribution system operator, which would increase the overall price of electricity. To avoid that, advance payment is applied, i.e. each customer’s monthly consumption is estimated in the period before next calculation, which is defined by General requirements for electricity supply as the standard service for all customers.

Monthly monetary obligation, i.e. “advance payment” represents an invoice for agreed electricity consumed in a calculation period, with a due date on 15th of the next month.

In case of ownership changes, in a 30-day period from the change you should contact HEP ODS in order to change the port (the metering point) information and notify RWE Energija.

Any complaint a customer might have related to the supplier’s execution of obligations based on the contract should be delivered to the supplier in a written form; by mail to the address: RWE Energija d.o.o., Capraška ulica 6, 10000 Zagreb, via e-mail: info@rwe.he or via fax machine: +385 1 6387 452. The complaint has to contain information for correct identification of the customer and the contract, description of basis of the complaint and documentation or other evidence to back up the claim. Complaint should be signed by the customer. If the complaint does not contain information needed for a correct identification of the complainant, it will be regarded as unsuitable for proceeding. The supplier will answer to the complaint in the shortest period possible, but latest at the end of the 15-day period from receiving the complaint. The supplier will deliver its decision about the complaint to the customer in writing.