Prices of gas supply include items regulated by decision of Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) (monthly fee and tariff items for distribution), excise duties and the price of gas energy. In most cases, the regulated items which are not influenced by us, amount to less than 20% of total bill, but we are obliged to charge them in the regulated amount and pass them through to users of mentioned items. Correct amount of regulated items for each individual distribution area and for each tariff model can be found on, and a short presentation of these can also be found on our web page.  Part of regulated items is subject to change on yearly basis and is entirely under the jurisdiction of HERA. Our sales people appreciate to explain all connected to this subject. 

Based on analysis of your consumption and profile, we offer to you the most competitive price of gas energy, and in this way provide you with savings on the highest item of your gas bill. Our individualized approach leads to defining individual price for every profile for every individual customer. Starting point in issuing of our offer is our standard price for gas energy (0,45 kn/kWh, without VAT) which is the basis for price decrease and setting the final price according to your profile, planned consumption, fixed or variable price, and contract duration.