Our Investments

The business activities of innogy in Croatia since 2013 are managed by RWE Hrvatska d.o.o., headquartered in Zagreb. RWE Hrvatska participates in the energy value chain through sale of electricity (RWE Energija d.o.o.), sale of gas (RWE Plin d.o.o., Koprivnica Opskrba d.o.o., Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.), gas distribution (Koprivnica Plin d.o.o., Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.), in water treatment (ZOV d.o.o.), as well as through developing projects of renewable energy sources in partnership with HEP (Novenerg d.o.o.).


The Zagrebačke otpadne vode d.o.o. (ZOV) was founded in 1998 and charged to plan, finance and erect the WWTP Zagreb as well as the related infrastructure.

Financing, planning, erection, operation and maintenance of WWTP Zagreb (for 1,2 mill. Inhabitant Equivalent, IE)

Contract duration:
28 years, until December 15th, 2028

Project structure:
ZOV d.o.o. (Project company): 48,5 % RWE
SRV d.o.o. (Construction company): 50 % RWE
ZOV uip d.o.o. (Operating company): 33 % RWE

Construction time:
5 years (July 2002 – August 2007)

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TE Plomin

After nearly 20 years of successful cooperation on construction and commissioning the thermal power plant Plomin 2 in Istria, the European energy giant RWE Energie has ended its strategic partnership with HEP in the TE Plomin d.o.o. on 28th of May, 2015. On this date the BOT (Build-Own-Transfer) contract, signed by the two parties in 1996, expired, thereby transferring the thermal power plant Plomin 2 into 100 percent ownership of HEP.

“RWE was the first large investor that came to Croatia, immediately after the war, in a moment when Croatia needed a reliable and serious strategic partner to realize such a large and complex project. Our cooperation in Plomin is one of the most successful stories of strategic partnership in Southeastern Europe. We believe that we shall continue to successfully cooperate with HEP in the new joint company, Novenerg,” stated Karl Kraus, the president of the Board of RWE Hrvatska.

Koprivnica opskrba d.o.o. & Koprivnica plin d.o.o.

In April 2017 RWE Hrvatska realized its first acquisition in Croatia, becoming the owner of the 75% shares of the local gas supply company Koprivnica Opskrba with 13,000 customers on supply, and of the distribution company Koprivnica Plin that manages 456 km long grid and serves as gas operator to beforementioned number of customers in broader Koprivnica area.

Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.

Beginning of 2018 RWE Hrvatska took over 100% ownership of another gas supply and distribution company - Montcogim-plinara from Sveta Nedelja. Company  manages 370 km of the most modern gas grid in Croatia thorugh which it supplies gas to 11,000 customers in 6 municipalities in broader Zagreb area (Sveta Nedelja, Karlovac, Jastrebarsko, Sisak, Pleternica i Stupnik).